E3 2013: Project Spark

Xbox One is getting another exclusive, with Project Spark. Project Spark is not quite a game, but not quite...not a game. The title will be a fantasy-themed action game, where every single thing in the game's world -- environments, characters, enemies -- can be, and will be, created by the player using Kinect and SmartGlass. Honestly, as a pure creation tool -- such as Minecraft -- this title looks amazing. It needs to be seen in

How to Make an Awesome [Steampunk] Costume on a Budget

I only recently started attending comic conventions, of course with the help of my wonderful editor/publisher Hong Le and GNN!  The first one I went to was last May, the Phoenix Comicon, and I went without dressing up.  Before I even entered the Phoenix Convention Center, while I was simply trying to get into the parking garage, I saw an excess of people dressed in their favorite super hero, villain, film/TV show character, and video