The Godzilla Experience at San Diego Comic Con 2013

Imagine this...You are minding your own business on the streets of Tokyo when suddenly an official looking man rushes towards you yelling that we are under attack. Godzilla has been sighted in the area! You are hurried through a bunker door hidden in a wall near you and are greeted by the sight of a control room in disarray... a frazzled scientist tells you to push a button on the panels blinking with lights. When

DinoCon Hatches in Phoenix!

When I was six years old, I saw a clip of a claymation triceratops gore a man.  You could say from that point on I possessed a profound respect and intrigue for dinosaurs, a fascination only furthered with plastic dino toys, encyclopedic tomes on dinosaurs, posters pinned to the wall, and the holy canon for dino fans: Jurassic Park.  Naturally then, such an event entitled DinoCon would be first and foremost on my must-attend list. 

Review: Crypticon Seattle 2013

Every year in Seattle there is a horror convention that rocks the Hilton hotel in Seatac called Crypticon. It is an annual event that happens during the last weekend of May; this year's dates being the 24th-26th. This family friendly event attracts horror fanatics and those who aren't into horror. There are vendors, authors, artists, and even celebrity guests that attend this convention every year. The Celebrities this year included Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees), Tyler Mane

Denver Comic Con 2013: Day 3 Recap

At last, the final day of Denver Comic Con 2013! It was a great weekend and I can’t think of a better way to end it than to have William Shatner speak. Of course Stan Lee was supposed to be the guest of honor on Sunday, but due to conflicts in schedule, he had to drop out a week before con started. Howeve,r William Shatner was amazing and was willing to step in at the