Review: Crypticon Seattle 2013

Crypticon 2013

Every year in Seattle there is a horror convention that rocks the Hilton hotel in Seatac called Crypticon. It is an annual event that happens during the last weekend of May; this year’s dates being the 24th-26th. This family friendly event attracts horror fanatics and those who aren’t into horror. There are vendors, authors, artists, and even celebrity guests that attend this convention every year.

The Celebrities this year included Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees), Tyler Mane ( Micheal Meyers), Elvira Mistress of the Dark, James Duvall (Frank from Donnie Darko), and the monster man himself, Cleve Hall. And that’s just naming a few. These guests were very sweet and were always up for giving hugs. Though Elvira’s table was always full of die hard fans, she kept going with a smile on her face. The staff of Crypticon always made sure that the guests were taken care of and had everything they needed. I was happy to see the guests laughing and having fun over the weekend.

Aside from the celebrities, there were some local vendors, artists and authors. Among the list are Marie Francis, who is a Seattle cosplayer and author; The Studio Djaru, who sold hand made masks; Blysster press, a small publishing company full of dark authors with great books and Arakus Productions, a Heavy Metal Opera group. It was hard on Saturday for me to get close to talk to any of these people because they were always so busy. These are just a small amount of the vendors, authors and artists that attended the convention, and all of them were pretty busy through the weekend.

Once the doors closed though, the fun didn’t stop. Friday night, The Dark Dolls, a Seattle Gorelesque troupe, performed for us. With magic tricks, aliens, and zombies, this performance drew a large crowd in and got some attention. Saturday night there was The Prom of the Dead. There was cake, masks and amazing outfits; a lot of fun to be had for everyone there. During both nights, Biohazard put on a great party with staff that made sure everyone had fun.

Though Friday was a slow day for everyone, the weekend picked up fast and it was busy. I would like to thank Venom Energy for always being there to supply beverages when everyone needed it, the Crypticon and Hotel staff for being attentive, and for making sure everyone was comfortable and happy. I’d also like to thank The Dark Dolls for putting on a good show for us, Biohazard for always bringing the party, and of course, all the people who attended the convention. Without them, this convention wouldn’t be able to continue.

If you’re in the Seattle Area towards the end of May and would love to have some fun, be sure to check out Crypticon Seattle. There are great costumes, amazing make up, and at the end of the weekend, you’re going to have some pretty great stories to tell.

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