FINAL FANTASY XV | March Update Trailer

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Check out the newest update to Final Fantasy XV with enhancements to the Chapter 13 story experience coming today! Also, experience the world of Eos from a brand new perspective in the game’s first character-focused DLC, Episode Gladiolus! The video includes spoilers if you haven't played the game up to Chapter 13. There are improvements to Chapter 13, improved spells for Noctis, the ability to climb previously inaccessible rocky formations, and more revealed in the video. We also

FINAL FANTASY XV DLC Packs and Game Update Announced

final fantasy xv

FINAL FANTASY XV is going big for the holidays with the release of a free game update, “Holiday Pack” (Free Version) and premium “Holiday Pack +” DLC giving players access to all-new in-game content next week. All players can download a free update for the game which adds a NEW GAME+ feature allowing those who have completed the game’s main line story to start a new game with all previous gameplay data intact. Starting December 22nd,

Divided Highway | Final Fantasy XV Review

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First announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII ten years ago, Square Enix’s long-awaited, newest entry in the highly acclaimed series is finally here. The game has undergone quite a few changes in the last ten years due to a troubled development cycle, switching directors, team members, and even the overall scope of the story. What we’ve been given is an experience that very much reflects this fact. The potential on display is intriguing and exciting,

Gorgeous New Artwork For FINAL FANTASY XV!

Final Fantasy XV

  FINAL FANTASY XV is the highly anticipated action roleplaying game (RPG) and 15th mainline entry in the iconic FINAL FANTASY franchise. Set in an enthralling world where fantasy meets reality, players will join Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades on an epic journey of brotherhood, love and despair as they unravel Noctis's destiny and take up arms against the warmongering empire, Niflheim. With a captivating cast of characters, breathtaking visuals, open world exploration and action-packed

“FINAL FANTASY XV” Tokyo Game Show 2014 Trailer   Have you given up hope on Final Fantasy XV ever releasing? If this trailer is any indication, it may be well worth the wait. The brand new game play trailer premiering at the Tokyo Game Show shows off more of the Kingdom Hearts-styled battle sequences. The movie and game play graphics look nearly seamless. As for how the car is involved in battles, we shall see. But the one thing that gives me renewed hope is the

E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV (Battle Gameplay Trailer)

Final Fantasy XV is looking like something truly special. That doesn't mean Square-Enix is resting easy though. Prepare yourself for battle! The armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis, casting Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades out of their homes and into the fray. The engaging tale to follow draws audiences into an awe-inspiring world steeped in the rich storytelling traditions of Square Enix's renowned First Production Development Team. FINAL FANTASY

E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is dead! Long live Final Fantasy XV! Yesterday Square-Enix shocked the world -- well not really shocked, as most of us saw it coming -- when they announced that Final Fantasy XV had risen from the ashes of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The game doesn't have a release date as of this time; the only information we have is that it's not part of this fiscal year. This means the game will release