Ocean’s 8 | Movie Review

All-star cast? Check. Stylish setting? Check. Subtle humor? Check. Fantastic heist plot? Hmm, not so much. Ocean's 8 is the latest installment in the Ocean's franchise but swaps the eccentric male criminals for their equally masterminded female cohorts. While the acting, pacing, and lavish style and setting make this a fun caper film, the predictable plot and low stakes bring what could have been a superior heist film into the realm of blandness. Ocean's 8 stars Sandra

“The Lone Ranger” Movie Review

Albert Lamorisse’s The Red Balloon tells the tale of a boy and his balloon, but symbolizes dreams and the cruelty of those who destroy those dreams. It seems fitting, then, that The Lone Ranger’s establishing sequence begins with a single red balloon floating away from a 1930’s carnival in San Francisco.  Here, we meet a young boy with a black eye mask, munching on peanuts, and enjoying one of the many esoteric exhibits that inhabited

“Les Misérables” Review

Holy mother of musicals, was this movie amazing. Not just "Yeah, man, that was pretty cool," I mean "The entire audience was in tears and applauding like crazy by the end of it!" If you don't read any further than this, GO SEE IT! If you've decided to read more, and if you've heard of Les Misérables, the longest-running musical in the world, you know what a moving, powerful, amazing story it is. If you don't know anything about