Ocean’s 8 | Movie Review

All star cast? Check. Stylish setting? Check. Subtle humor? Check. Fantastic heist plot? Hmm, not so much. Ocean's 8 is the latest installment in the Ocean's franchise, but swaps the eccentric male criminals for their equally masterminded female cohorts. While the acting, pacing, and lavish style and setting make this a fun caper film, the predictable plot and low stakes bring what could have been a superior heist film into the realm of blandness. Ocean's 8 stars

“This Is the End” Movie Review

Zombies. Outbreak. Umbrella Corporation. Tiny robot bogs that suck up all the electricity. We are in no short supply of apocalyptic scenarios in Hollywood, but the one we all seem to forget about; the Biblical Apocalypse (well at least Hollywood seems to have forgotten about it.) I know for me, I sat in Sunday school for years learning how to cleanse my soul and be a good person for fear of being left behind. Seth Rogen