Must Attend Conventions in 2016

Wondercon has just passed us and watching it via Facebook posts reminded me that there are so many amazing conventions happening this year. Not that this year is any different from any other year, but there are some conventions that definitely top a list of must attend conventions. At least

Top 11 SDCC Announcements

In case you weren't able to attend San Diego Comic Con in July, here are the eleven biggest new stories coming out of the big geek prom... 11. The newest member of the Avengers?  Atticus Finch 10. Skeletor and Voldemort are actually the same guy 9. Immediately after X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, Bryan

Official BATMAN V SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE trailer from SDCC!   Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment unveiled its official trailer for the upcoming Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice movie at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend and it sure was a doozy. It appears to set in motion why Bruce Wayne would challenge the powerful alien superhero Superman. Watch it

Top 11 SDCC Exclusives

    San Diego Comic Con is currently underway. One of the chief advantages of attending SDCC is access to convention-exclusive merchandise. Here are 11 of the best...   11. A Marvel Ant Man Farm.   10. For the price of just one Aquaman joke, you can get a personalized punch in the face from Jason

Top 11 SDCC Announcements

Last weekend was San Diego Comic Con, a four-day event dedicated to promoting the sequel to Sharknado. However, there were several other non-shark related announcements that you may have missed...   11. Due to an outcry from animal advocacy groups, the next movie will be called Battle for the Planet of the