EVO Championship Series raises over $150,000 for charity in final game vote

The EVO Championship tournament series announced that fans could vote in their favorite game by posting donations to charity. Today in an intense down-to-the-wire funding dash, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was crowned the winner of the ninth tournament slot with approximately $71,690 made in contributions. 41497

E3 opens to the public, passes to go on sale Feb. 13

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it's commonly known, announced today that for the first time ever, members of the public could buy a pass to the coveted event on February 13. There will be a limit of 15,000 tickets available to the public. According to a post by Polygon, the

EVO Championship Series announces tournament lineup, charity contest

The world renowned fighting game tournament known as the EVO Championship series is slated to officially happen on July 14-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada this year. Players tuned in to Twitch on Tuesday night, to see what games would be a part of the official lineup this year. 41309

Nickelodeon 2016 SDCC exclusives are all sorts of awesome

As San Diego Comic Con approaches, tons of retailers push out special exclusives that attendees can buy. Some folks will camp lines for days to get a hold of statues, prints, variants and more. Well, looks like it's time to figure out where to line up for Nickelodeon’s booth (#4113). According to

Fandom wants you to party like a rockstar at SDCC


San Diego Comic-Con attendees often suffer long lines, complex wrist bands systems, and even camping outside the convention center in order to see their favorite special guest at the event. Now Fandom and 2K Games want to treat the fans to their own SDCC celebrity experience with their Fandom Comic-Con party

An interview with Metal Gear Solid composer Rika Muranaka

From electronic keyboards to composing for best-selling video games, Rika Muranaka has done quite a bit in her music career over the past few decades. A special guest at this years’ Saboten Con 2015, Muranaka discussed her beginnings in the music industry in Japan, plans for future projects and of course,

Saboten Con announces Metal Gear star DAVID HAYTER as latest guest

The upcoming Saboten Con announced on Wednesday that they would be adding a famous video game voice actor to its guest ranks this year, David Hayter. David Hayter is perhaps most well-known as being the voice behind the iconic stealth spy character Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series of video games