STAR WARS REBELS | Season 2 Trailer Revealed! Highly Anticipated Season Two of Star Wars Rebels To Feature Fan-Favorite Clones Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Gregor Dee Bradley Baker & Ashley Eckstein Join Star Wars Rebels Cast at Star Wars Celebration to Make the Surprise Announcement   Fans attending the Star Wars Rebels panel at Celebration today were treated to an

Review: Legend Of Korra Season 2

Season 2 of Avatar: Legend Of Korra is finally here! After well over a year since season one, will the show be able to captivate it's audience as it did in 2012? Here is a brief, spoil-free look into season 2 of "Korra". [vsw id="piQRAQOC4Es" source="youtube" width="200" height="100" autoplay="no"]   [SlideDeck2 id=22797]

Voyage Trekkers Season 2 Premiere!

[youtube] Phoenix, Arizona -  Voyage Trekkers, the sci-fi comedy web series about the worst crew in the galaxy, returns to ruin new lives and civilizations with the launch of it's second season. "We're so excited to unveil Season 2 after a year and a half of hard work," says Creator Nathan Blackwell.  "The