Taiyou Con 2018 | Preview

With the holidays neatly packed away and the New Year having rolled its way into our lives, it’s time we start looking forward to all the amazing conventions we have in store for 2018! First on the list is our amazing, in-state convention – Taiyou Con!

For those of you who don’t know, Taiyou Con is one of Arizona’s most spectacular anime conventions that takes place every January! That’s right – it’s happening soon! So, get your wallets ready and those cosplays finished, because Taiyou Con is this weekend! No, you didn’t read that wrong! With all sorts of fun panels, one-of-a-kind merch, and world-renowned guests, you really don’t want to miss this experience. Not to mention, you can get it all at the reasonable price of just $45! This price goes for the entire weekend for regular attendees, but for those of you who only have a single day to spare, there are other options available on Taiyou Con’s registration website as well.

Taiyou Con Preview
photo credit: Taiyou Con

To give you all a little sneak peek into what you can be expecting from Taiyou Con this year, we’re going to start with a little breakdown:

First – the Masquerade! Come one come all, the Masquerade at Taiyou Con is the place to be to show off your cosplays, old and new! Though the registration slots for Taiyou Con’s Masquerade are currently closed, you can still attend this main event to cheer on your friends and favorite cosplayers. Personally, I always enjoy watching the Masquerade at Taiyou Con – I’m always amazed by the talent and razzle dazzle these cosplayers have!

Next up on the breakdown – the Nikko Festival! Inspired by traditional Japanese outdoor festivals, the Nikko Festival is the first of its kind at Taiyou Con this year. At this festival, you can enjoy fun games such as ringtoss, goldfish scooping, and a shooting gallery. And the best part? Game tickets are included with the purchase of your Taiyou Con attendee badge (24 to be exact), with more tickets available for purchase should you wish to keep the games going! To find out more about the games offered at this festival, simply visit Nikko Festival‘s page on the Taiyou Con website.

And what would Taiyou Con be without its amazing lineup of guests?

Returning for another year of mayhem and shenanigans, the famous Youtube group Mega64 will be gracing the Mesa Convention Center to bring us more laughter and fun-filled memories! Along with these comical men, we are joined this year by the talented LA-based voice actor Robbie Daymond. Robbie’s talent can be heard through popular characters we all know and love such as Spiderman, Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon), Akechi (Persona 5), and the best boy Prompto (Final Fantasy XV)! But don’t worry, that’s not all! There are many more amazing guests who will be attending Taiyou Con this year, as well as a cosplay senpai who you don’t want to miss! To check out the entire lineup of guests, just visit the Guests page on their website.

Again – Taiyou Con is being held this weekend (January 5-7) at the Mesa Convention Center in Arizona. Get your tickets online or at the door, and be ready for a weekend full of anime madness!

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