The Hunger Games: A review by Stephanie Steele

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My roommate and I have this wonderful past time of going to Barnes & Noble to work on homework or projects and, in general, just imbibe a lot of caffeine. On one of these occasions, I had received Christmas money and was in search of some new titles to read. Having picked up Damned by Chuck Palahniuk, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and The Anthem by Ayn Rand, I decided I needed something a little lighter and fun. A wonderful Barnes & Noble’s employee pointed me to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Taking her at her word, I bought my books. At the counter she asked me what I thought, and at the time, was a ridiculous question; “Did I mind not having all of a series in hardback?” I said no, on the simple fact that it was cheaper in paperback and so what? How very wrong I could be.

I finished the first book in a matter of hours. I could not put the sucker down to safe my own life. I was instantaneously hooked. For those of you that don’t know, the Hunger Games is a dystopia, based in futuristic America. After civil war, the country is divided into 12 Districts with the Capitol in command. Every year one girl and one boy are chosen from each district to compete to the death in an arena event to demonstrate the horror of war and to keep the districts in check. One of the better story lines I’ve run across of late. My only qualm was that it was an Adult-Teen Novel. (*gag me* I thought I was over that crap.) Nevertheless, the next day I went and bought the last two book; in hard back.

Less than a month after reading, I saw a teaser preview for the movie based off of the books. And with that, I refused to watch any more previews. I knew the date of the release and that was that. I despise previews. They always seem to show the best parts and the longer they are the more you realize you don’t even have to go see the movie because they’ve shown you everything.

On this night of March 23rd at midnight, I settled into my uncomfortable theater chair and watched in awe as one of my favorite books came to life. And that, my friends, is exactly what happened. Even as a total fan girl, I am very impressed with the actors chosen, depiction of costumes, of characters, setting, and tone of voice. Everything was just spot on! The movie followed the book very well, taking out things that I found either unnecessary or things that just kept the movie moving at a faster pace. The acting was phenomenal and I feel that Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who played Katniss Everdeen, did an exceptional job capturing the character and bringing Kat to life.

I’m a big sap. I cried, thrice!!!! One of which was new because it was better displayed on camera than in written form! *gasp* I am so glad to have read a great book and have seen it come to life in movie form! Possibly the first movie I can ever say that finally did the book Justice!!!

Exceptional job! A definite five stars in my book! I completely recommend this flick!!!!


And on a side note, if you are looking for a theater to check out The Hunger Games, then Harkins Tempe Marketplace is the destination to be. Not only do they have the Cine Capri, which boasts a ’30 x ’70 screen with 30,000 watts of digital sound and stadium seating, but they are the only theater in the country to have a memorabilia display of The Hunger Games. It features the bow and arrows that Katniss uses and the dress that Elizabeth Banks wears as the Effie Trinket character. It will be on display through April 1st. Here are a couple pics for you guys. Come check it out!!

author, barnes and noble, book, midnight premiere, movie, movie review, novel, stephanie steele, suzanne collins, the hunger gamesauthor, barnes and noble, book, midnight premiere, movie, movie review, novel, stephanie steele, suzanne collins, the hunger games












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