If you attended the 10th episode of The Comic Book Insider on March 20th at Gotham City Comics & Coffee, you got a first hand look at the new logo and merchandise for the show.

The new logo is brought to you from the guys at House of HaHa. Check out their website at http://shop.houseofhaha.com to purchase your own Comic Book Insider gear!!

In some other big news…GNN is now an official sponsor of House of HaHa! Check out the link to their page on the right sidebar. They provide “fashion for your funny bone”. Here are some examples of the merch available on their site. A huge thanks to Aaron Gardy!!













If you missed the episode here are a few pics from the show. Brian and Miguel spoke about the history of DC Comics & Marvel Comics. They also took time to give us insight into battles between prominent heroes of both universes that have been portrayed in comics. Wonder Woman makes an appearance to keep Tom in check. Negative Steve gives us a 14-point scientific compare/contrast to why Sub Mariner is greater than Aquaman. Finally, Greg and his now popular comic review section channels another famous wrestler…The Undertaker!


















And Miguel managed to get himself roughened up by Brian. The details to why this transpired is sketchy so tune in to the episode when it becomes available this weekend to see what happens!!








Huge props to the Sabal brothers for providing the great filmwork for the show as well as Gotham City Comics & Coffee for the venue. Check out the Sabal brothers weekly podcast “The Atomic Fallout Society” here.

Check out the past 9 episodes of The Comic Book Insider here or at the Facebook page here.



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