DC Collects The History of Wonder Woman

My history with Wonder Woman has been long and fruitful. Since I was a kid watching “Super Friends” on Saturday mornings, I evolved into watching Linda Carter’s live action exploits and reading LOTS of Wonder Woman comics. DC Comics has changed the story around from time to time; her evolution from the original character as created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston (also creator of the lie detector) is basic and sometimes even considered a little sordid:

KING | A New Comic Series to Rule Them All

From the writer of THE BUNKER and the artists of GREEN LANTERN CORPS and BATMAN BEYOND, KING is an action/comedy about the last man on Earth living in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.  The unique art style by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo is as outlandish and bizarre as the strange new world that Joshua Hale Fialkov created.  The color scheme is a faded pastel pallet with some twilight shading which adds authenticity to the end

HELLBOY IN HELL # 7 | A Review

Hellboy was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt that Hellboy was dead. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come from this story. Hellboy, Mike Mignola’s creation of the red-skinned demon found during World War 2 and raised by Professor Bruttenholm of the Allies, died in London in 2011’s HELLBOY: THE FURY # 3. I love that Mignola tells his stories as fast or as slow as he needs to and in

POWER UP | An Adorable New Entry to the Magical Girl Arena

What do three people and a goldfish have in common? Nothing, except the fact that they all witnessed a bright flash of light before gaining Magical powers! Power Up starts slowly, introducing the main characters as they go through the mundane motions of everyday life. Amie is a just a store clerk. She is flawed like all of us, forgetting to clock out the night before and needing to buy milk before she leaves for

FORAGER | Bound to Succeed!

Jimmy Palmiotti (Daredevil: Dark Nights, 21 Down, Trigger Girl 6, Monolith) and Justin Gray (Power Girl, 21 Down, Marvel Adventures) have done it again with their new, captivating graphic novel, Forager. Already given a five star rating by fans, this story is engaging from the first page. The art by Steven Cummings (Wolverine First Class, Elektra, Deadshot) takes the reader’s imagination on a breath-taking journey. The facial expressions are clear and contribute to the story

Comics Reviews for July 9, 2014

BOOM! STUDIOS: THE EMPTY MAN #2 (OF 6) Review by John Dubrawa It's only two issues in so far but Cullen Bunn's The Empty Man is horror done right. Issue two picks up with protagonists Agent Jensen and Agent Langford staring down what was once thought as a disease known as "The Empty Man" but is in actuality a full-fledged entity of some kind. Not knowing exactly what The Empty Man is or how it chooses its victims

“Batman: Eternal #4” Comic Review

Batman: Eternal #4 continues the more refined narrative present in the weekly series' last entry while also continuing to slow its pace down considerably in the process. Former Detective Comics writer John Layman steps in to write under the already established framework formed by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV and keeps the focus limited to only a few of the series' already established characters. Instead of bouncing around from place to place as we've

“The Amazing Spider-Man #1” Comic Review

Back in December 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man series scribe Dan Slott made the unpopular decision to have Peter Parker killed during the issue's landmark 700th issue, an action that drew out the unrelenting ire of the Internet to the nth degree. Through a constant stream of death threats and other remarks that call into question the faith of humanity as a whole, Slott assured his ranting and raving readers that he had a plan. Lo

“Elektra #1” Comic Review

As a character in the mainstream consciousness, Elektra has all but flunked out due in large part to two terrible feature films but thankfully her comic presence has faired significantly better, and that trend continues with the release of Elektra #1. Like Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk before it, Elektra is another female-lead series from Marvel as part of their All-New Marvel NOW! initiative, though remarkably this first issue actually resembles DC’s Batwoman most

“Batman: Eternal #2” Comic Review

Yes, I know. After doubting the merits of Batman: Eternal as a weekly investment last week, here I am writing about the second issue. But as an ongoing weekly series, Batman: Eternal deserves the same fair shake I would give to a new weekly episodic TV series—so about a month worth of viewing—and I will decide at that time whether or not to stay on board. That said, Batman: Eternal #2 is a more thrilling