POWER UP | An Adorable New Entry to the Magical Girl Arena

PowerUp_001_A_MainWhat do three people and a goldfish have in common? Nothing, except the fact that they all witnessed a bright flash of light before gaining Magical powers! Power Up starts slowly, introducing the main characters as they go through the mundane motions of everyday life. Amie is a just a store clerk. She is flawed like all of us, forgetting to clock out the night before and needing to buy milk before she leaves for the day; but that’s the beauty of this slow beginning. It sets the characters up as people we can all relate to, well with the exception of Silas… but who doesn’t like an adorable animal companion, especially when that animal can turn into a whale that shoots lasers from its eyes.

You don’t see much of the other two characters besides the fact that one is a construction worker, Kevin, that can apparently rock a pink skirted outfit (Just look at that cover art!) and the other is a mother, Sandy, that came into the shop Amie works in for Crickets. Near the end Amie is attacked by a strange dark humanoid that speaks a crazy language. It busts up her place of work and she’s saved at the last-minute by Silas. Then, after her boss checks on her and fawns over the money, she gets interviewed by the news. =It shows Kevin and Sandy watching the interview and their reactions are surprised.

The Cartoonish art style adds to the charm and brings to mind a mix of Steven Universe and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I can’t wait to get the next issue in this wonderful romp through the Magical Girl genre. The coming issues promise a great storyline with just the right mix of awkwardness, magic, and eccentricity.

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