DC Collects The History of Wonder Woman

My history with Wonder Woman has been long and fruitful. Since I was a kid watching “Super Friends” on Saturday mornings, I evolved into watching Linda Carter’s live action exploits and reading LOTS of Wonder Woman comics. DC Comics has changed the story around from time to time; her evolution from the original character as created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston (also creator of the lie detector) is basic and sometimes even considered a little sordid:

SHERLOCK HOLMES: The Thinking Engine | A Review

I’m a Sherlock Holmes fan. I read the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories growing up and was a big fan of the films of the 40s and 50s starring Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. John Watson. In fact, when I re-read the original stories it’s their faces I imagine. There are so many Holmes stories now being told in the movies and television, it is nice to go back now and


So, you know there was a big party on Endor and everybody got to dance with an Ewok when the Rebel Alliance was able to destroy the second Death Star at the end of the final Star Wars film, right? But what happened next? Marvel Comics will present their first comic set after Return of the Jedi this September! JOURNEY TO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – SHATTERED EMPIRE # 1, is a brand-new series that lets readers


Unlikely as it seems, it has already been one year since the world learned the sad fate of actor/comedian Robin Williams, who died of self-inflicted strangulation on August 11, 2014. It took me a couple of hours to accept the assignment of remembering him for Geek News Network when it became available today because even though it was a year ago, it still feels like a raw nerve. This is going to be a different kind

DC Universe Trade Paperbacks: A Look Ahead

According to a press release from DC Entertainment, the company will be releasing a gaggle of new trade paperback collections of the periodical series that have been released since June 2015, which would be perfect if you are looking for a way to jump head first into these new lines of comics:   NEW COLLECTIONS: Bat-Mite – from DAN JURGENS and CORIN HOWELL, out March 2, 2016 Batman Beyond Vol. 1 – from DAN JURGENS and BERNARD CHANG, out

Marvel’s DEADPOOL VS. THANOS # 1 is Coming In September!

And you thought Deadpool’s movie was coming soon! Marvel Comics is about to unleash a whole bunch of whoop-ass with a four-issue battle royal between Wade Wilson (aka, Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth) and Thanos, the Mad Titan, who likes to sport his jewel-encrusted gloves. It appears as though Death, the powerful cosmic lady who used to date both Deadpool and Thanos (go figure, right?), has disappeared and suddenly everyone in the universe has stopped dying! The

Preview: Your Friendly Neighborhood SPIDEY!

I think my first introduction to Spider-Man was as a young kid watching THE ELECTRIC COMPANY on PBS. It made me later seek out THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comic books and I enjoyed many adventures with Peter Parker’s heroic web-slinger. Marvel’s SPIDEY # 1 is taking us back to Peter’s early days as a teenage superhero later this year and all the associated teen angst that suggests. As part of the comic publisher’s “All-New, All-Different Marvel!” promotion,

HELLBOY IN HELL # 7 | A Review

Hellboy was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt that Hellboy was dead. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come from this story. Hellboy, Mike Mignola’s creation of the red-skinned demon found during World War 2 and raised by Professor Bruttenholm of the Allies, died in London in 2011’s HELLBOY: THE FURY # 3. I love that Mignola tells his stories as fast or as slow as he needs to and in

Marvel Shoots VADER DOWN for Cross Over Event!

This November, Marvel will take two of its popular Star Wars titles and kick off a 6-issue event storyline with the one-shot, STAR WARS: VADER DOWN, before continuing in both STAR WARS and DARTH VADER to tell an action-packed adventure when Lord Vader’s TIE Fighter is shot down. On his own, without the Empire backing him up, Vader is pursued by the full strength of the Rebel Alliance. “They’ve got Vader in quite a predicament,” says

LUKE SKYWALKER visits City-Planet Coruscant in STAR WARS # 8!

One of the coolest things in George Lucas’ STAR WARS movie prequels was the giant City-Planet, Coruscant. Home to constantly zipping air traffic, with scores of aliens from around the galaxy, not to mention the Jedi Temple, Coruscant was a happening place. In August’s STAR WARS # 8, Luke Skywalker is drawn to Coruscant as he follows the clues in the newly discovered journals of the late Obi-Wan ”Ben” Kenobi. Joined on the journey by his