Preview: Your Friendly Neighborhood SPIDEY!

Spidey 1_Cover

I think my first introduction to Spider-Man was as a young kid watching THE ELECTRIC COMPANY on PBS. It made me later seek out THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comic books and I enjoyed many adventures with Peter Parker’s heroic web-slinger.

Marvel’s SPIDEY # 1 is taking us back to Peter’s early days as a teenage superhero later this year and all the associated teen angst that suggests. As part of the comic publisher’s “All-New, All-Different Marvel!” promotion, SPIDEY takes us back to the character’s iconic early days. Surprisingly, this new book seeks to fill in a lot of unmined territory. “Out of the 700+ issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN” shares Spider-Man Editor Nick Lowe, “Peter Parker was only in high school for thirty issues! Stan [Lee] and Steve [Ditko] covered a lot, but there’s a lot of the high school and early super hero experience still on the table.”

This in-continuity series, written by Robbie Thompson (TV’s SUPERNATURAL) and drawn by Nick Bradshaw (WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY), hopes to touch more on how Peter accepted his Uncle Ben’s admonition that “with great power must also come great responsibility.”

Based on the preview, this version has a cool retro look, almost like Doc Hammer’s “The Venture Brothers” (which in turn, was an homage to “Jonny Quest”). Give it a try, True Believers, when SPIDEY # 1 releases this fall.

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