FORAGER | Bound to Succeed!


Jimmy Palmiotti (Daredevil: Dark Nights, 21 Down, Trigger Girl 6, Monolith) and Justin Gray (Power Girl, 21 Down, Marvel Adventures) have done it again with their new, captivating graphic novel, Forager. Already given a five star rating by fans, this story is engaging from the first page. The art by Steven Cummings (Wolverine First Class, Elektra, Deadshot) takes the reader’s imagination on a breath-taking journey. The facial expressions are clear and contribute to the story as much as the spoken words. The vivid, eye popping colors and imaginative backgrounds allow the reader to envision themselves in the endless world Palmiotti and Gray created.

The young heroine, Ellie, is a strong, outspoken girl with Asperger’s Syndrome who has a unique gift. She grows before the reader’s eyes from a sweet, eerily insightful girl to a brilliant woman leading the human race to the dawn of a new age.

The story begins with a couple trying to pick up the pieces of their marriage by taking their young daughter on a vacation to space.   Ellie exhibits some unusual behavior soon after reaching orbit. She gives her parents the fright of their lives when she claims she can hear angels singing.  After she has a seizure, Ellie’s father suspects she could be the mouth piece for an approaching alien race.  As an unidentified spaceship draws near, Ellie’s father realizes his daughter could be the most important child on the entire planet.

This story is packed with the same wonder and adventure that every reader feels as they stare off into the midnight sky. The story arc flows beautifully as it takes the reader to the edges of the universe to witness human colonization of outer space. The courageous main female character isn’t overly sexualized and the story has no profanity, making it appropriate for younger audiences.

If you want a story filled with awe and wonderment, images that send chills clear down to your toes, with a daring lead heroine, look no further.

Forager is available in paperback or as a Kindle download on June 17, 2015!

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