“Transformers 4” and “Interstellar” to feature IMAX segments


During the Paramount Pictures opening night presentation at CinemaCon we were treated to a little IMAX presentation wherein the CEO of IMAX revealed that as part of a five picture deal with Paramount segments of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming (and soon to be blockbuster) Interstellar would be filmed using the IMAX camera. It was also revealed that segments of Michael Bay’s upcoming (and soon to be blockbuster) Transformers 4 would be filmed using IMAX and that it would be the first movie to film using IMAX’s new 3D camera. This means that movies filmed using the 3D IMAX will no longer have to be post converted.

Nolan has always been a pioneer of using IMAX and personally I think it adds to visuals as opposed to gimicky 3D. I’m excited to see what he brings to the table with his sci-fi story. Bay, however, while not a stylistic genius like Nolan, is a pioneer of explosions, so if he blows stuff up on an IMAX screen I’m all for it. Bay was also on hand to talk a teeny little bit about Transformers 4 and said that he had a big name actor in talks for a role in the movie, but couldn’t say who just yet. We all wait with batted breath for that announcement.

Transformers 4 is scheduled for release June of 2014 and Interstellar will follow in November. Stay tuned for more coverage of CinemaCon 2013.

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