Reaction to extended look at “World War Z”


CinemaCon 2013 is now officially in full swing and Paramount kicked it off beautifully with their opening night presentation. A ginourmous theatre packed to the brim with industry professionals and press was treated to a glimpse of Paramount’s upcoming slate including Star Trek Into Darkness, Anchorman 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and World War Z. The presentation literally began with “Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Brad Pitt.” For a split second I thought, no way, then the rational part inside of me said “there’s no way Brad Pitt is coming to CinemaCon.” Of course, it was just a joke and the moderator stepped out to introduce Damon Lindelof and the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness and we were treated to a little clip. Afterwards it was time for the World War Z footage and again the announcement “Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Brad Pitt.” I thought, really? You’re going to do the same joke twice? Then, against all rational thinking Brad Pitt steps on stage. Yes, THE Brad Pitt. He was obviously weary from travel because he seemed confused and stumbled a bit when he was talking, but who cares? IT’S BRAD PITT!

At first they showed the standard 3D trailer, but after that we were treated to a few segments from the actual movie. I was a little cautious about the movie. Yes, I loved the book. Yes, the book was the inspiration for my zombie book. But I don’t like zombies and these zombies just seemed weird to me. I’m not a fan of fast-moving zombies. 28 Days Later was scary, but I personally think the horror in zombie movies comes from the fact that they creep along. Needless to say I was a little off-put by these ultra-fast ones. After seeing the footage, though, I think I had a change of heart. These aren’t just any old fast-moving zombies, they have purpose and they act like a swarm of insects, they even move like them too. One of the main things that I noticed during the footage was the noises they made. Their bones pop and snap as they move along. Their movements are also very jerky.

I know this movie has had its issues and the jury is still out on its quality, I don’t know if it was the reel they cut together, but the editing seemed nonsensical and almost took away from the action taking place, however, after seeing this footage I am now more confident that this will be an adequate partner to the book.

World War Z is scheduled for release June of 2013

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