“Wanderer” novella Free on Kindle


If you have a Kindle and a hankering for a good, quick read then head on over to Amazon and download Wanderer by  James Lincoln.

Wait a minute, isn’t this article written by a Jim Lincoln?

That is correct.

Are they the same person?

They are indeed. To kick off the new year I’m running a little special that will get you a digital copy for your Kindle, or Kindle app, for free.

I don’t want to spend zero dollars of my hard earned money on some crappy book.

Would these reviews* lie?

“I loved this story. The Wanderer was a well developed, emotionally complex character that, along with his sidekick Mandy, survive in a post apocalyptic world. (I admit, Mandy actually reminded me a bit of Wilson from the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away–only, Mandy is better because she is real.)
When it was done, I was like, but, but, but…. I wanted to know more about what happened next, and, without giving any spoilers, I will say that I was pleased to see the author hinted at a sequel to this book in the Afterword.” 5 Stars

“This book took me off guard because it is not a storyline I am usually interested in. From the beginning though, I was able to connect with the character and become interested and invested in his life and thoughts. I enjoyed the dynamic between him and his dog, and thought that with only the two characters, it was simple, and yet still interesting. I stayed with the story until the end and was made to think of how I would feel in the same situations. The story felt realistic enough to put me right there with the character, and I enjoyed the journey. Thanks James Lincoln!” 5 Stars

“I consider myself very well read on Zombie fiction.I loved the novella.James developed this short story wonderfully and I felt like I was there w/ the main character and Mandy.I would REALLY like a sequel,LONGER PLS.,I will be keeping my eye on Mr.Lincoln.Good job !!” 5 Stars

Yeah, I guess you have a point.

You better act quick though, the sale is only going on through Sunday.

You can head on over to Amazon to order your copy. If you order a print copy and get it to me I’ll even sign it for you. I’ll sign your Kindle version too, but you might have trouble reading the screen afterward. Check out my awesome synopsis below and then follow me on Twitter.

About the book:

Title: Wanderer

Author: James Lincoln

Pages: 114

Synopsis: The world is a wasteland. Most of the world’s population has been wiped out by an unknown virus. Bands of survivors roam the empty cities trying to avoid the infected, who also aimlessly roam the deserted streets and highways looking for the next living thing to feed on. Fearing the outside world, one man has barricaded himself in his home, fighting for survival until an unforeseen incident forced him into the now unknown landscape. Wanderer chronicles his desperate struggle to stay alive.

*I only know two of the reviewers, but they were legitimate, unsolicited reviews.

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