Watch: Riley Stearns’ Fantastic Short Film ‘The Cub’ – “Long Live Wolves!”

The Cub

It’s no lie that I’m a huge fan of short films, but great ones, or ones that stick out, are rare to come by. For the past month or so, I’ve been searching the Internet for great short films that have come out this past year, and what I’ve seen were so-so. Well, that all changed when I watched Riley Stearn’s short film “The Cub,” which made a pretty big splash at this year’s Sundance Film Festival when it played before “Hell Baby.”

After doing research, I saw that it actually started out as a Kickstarter project, which reached its goal and then some. Below, you can check out Riley Stearn’s short film, “The Cub,” which has a pretty unique sense of humor and definitely worth five minutes of you life! Enjoy!

[ via Vice]


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The Cub
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