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Now this is a project any cosplay fan should support! Coming out just in time for the holiday season is a calendar showcasing the incredibly talented cosplayers of the male variety. Each cosplay highlighted in the calendar will go along with the gaming theme that the Men vs Cosplay team chose to go with for their very first calendar.

The Men vs Cosplay group was founded by Anabel Martinez, a gaming enthusiast and artist,  and Allen Amis, a highly talented costume and prop builder. Together, they decided to bring to life this calendar! With the support of fans on their Facebook page, along with a team to help push this project along, Men vs Cosplay has set up a Kickstarter project to fund the calendar’s production.

Rick Boer
Rick Boer as Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid

Cosplayers from around the world have been brought onto the project and are willing to bring to life the male leads of our favorite games, including those like: Ezio, Naked Snake, Chris Redfield, Scorpion, and more! As the Kickstarter continues to gain more backers and funds toward the project, there is potential that the team will be able to extend the 12-month calendar to 18 months. Know what that means?

Even more cosplay men! Now who could say no to more cosplay men? I know I couldn’t.

So far, the project has 10 cosplayers jumping in on it. If you’ve never heard of them, here is your chance to check out their work:

Sylar Warren
Sylar Warren as Corvo Attano from Dishonored

In addition to that, there are also some very talented photographers confirmed for the project such as:

The Kickstarter has been up for less than ten days and already they have already reached their goal. It is becoming clear that the calendar definitely has some high demand from their supporters. If you want to check out more about the project, or donate to the calendar, check out the links below:

Men vs Cosplay Kickstarter
Men vs Cosplay Website
Men vs Cosplay Facebook

And in case you were wanting a little sneak peek at what the calendar may look like, we got you covered:

Looks sexy doesn't it?
Looks sexy doesn’t it?


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