Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015 Brings All That Reunion and More!

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo

The very comic convention that Stan The Man created himself has been a running success ever since it’s first year in 2011. Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is the only known pop culture convention that is actually owned and run by two pop-culture icons – Stan Lee and Elvira. Now in it’s fourth year, Comikaze is becoming one of the most diverse conventions for everyone that comes from every corner of geek culture. It was even announced recently as 2014 Con of the Year by ConHQ.

This year, the convention will be held over Halloween weekend again, running from October 30th-Nov 1st. While it is a month away and guests are still being announced as we get closer, there are already an impressive line up of guests of honor, artists, cosplayers, and more. The founders of Comikaze themselves – Stan Lee and Elvira, Mistress of Dark – will be attending as guests of honor. Joining them are the likes of Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Arrow), Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers), Dita Von Teese – The Queen of Burlesque, Rob Liefeld (Deadpool, Cable, X-Men), Grant Morrison (JLA, Batman, Animal Man), and so many more.

90’s Kids and newer fans of the show All That, get ready. Both new and original cast members of All That will be having a reunion on November 1st at Comikaze! Come check out their reunion panel where you’ll get to see cast members like Kel Mitchell, Lisa Foiles, Alisa Reyes, Angelique Bates, and MORE! I don’t know about you, but seeing that announcement made the kid in me squeal in excitement!

stan lee's comikaze 2015

Cosplayers and fans of the hobby are in for a treat this year. Not only do we have a large lineup of incredibly talented cosplayers such as Vampy Bit Me, Leeana Vamp (married as of yesterday by the way – Congratulations!), Nicole Marie Jean, Sara Moni, Lauren Bregman of Castle Corsetry, Stella Chuu, Ireland Reid, and more, but Comikaze will also be hosting its first ever Cosplay National Championship! Fans will be treated to a showcase of cosplay contestants and the prizes for each category are pretty big. If you happen to be in the Championship, you may find yourself walking home with a decorated medal, a cash prize, and a free ticket to next year’s convention. Not too shabby!

stan lee's comikaze expo 2015 cosplay national championship

Last, but absolutely not least, we can’t forget about our artists and creators that made the pop culture world what it is today. We already know that Stan the Man will be gracing us with his presence as well as a few other comic legends, but don’t forget to stop by Artist’s Alley and seek out our talented artists and creators whether they’re involved in big name comic publishers or independent artists! You’ll be able to see the talents of Elsa Chang (character designer for animation), Siya Oum (creator of Lola XOXO), Bill Kopp (co-creator and voice of EEK! The Cat and one of 3 original animators for The Simpsons), Rikki Simons (voice of GIR in Invader Zim), and sooooo many more.

This event is going to be jam packed with a plethora of talent ranging from comic book artists, animators, and voice actors, to cosplayers, TV show actors, and independent artists. There will be tons of panels and events to meet each fan’s interest, and it’s sure to be a blast!

We also understand that this is over Halloween weekend and a lot of attendees may have kids. But what better way to spend Halloween than in the world’s largest indoor trick-or-treat event?! Speaking of Halloween, Comikaze will also be holding a Halloween Cosplay Ball on the 31st for those 18 and over. Admission is free for those with a 3-day pass or if you have a Saturday pass. While cosplay is encouraged for this event, all attendees are welcome to come by. It’s sure to be a blast, especially if Halloween is your favorite holiday!

stan lee's comikaze 2015 halloween cosplay ball

Memberships are on sale now, so don’t delay! Get your ticket here. Stick with us here at GNN for continuing coverage as more guests are announced as well as our after-con coverage!

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