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Castle Corsetry Fitness Line!

Castle Corsetry

One of our favorite clothing designers has recently release her new gym clothing line! Castle Corsetry has released her new geek inspired fitness wear on November 11, 2015. This line focuses on your inner hero no matter what your body type is. Castle Corsetry believes that strong is sexy! The designs come in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XXL and…

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Off Key | SAO: Lost Song Review


Sword Art Online: Lost Song continues the alternate reality storyline that began with SAO: Infinity Moment and its successor SAO: Hollow Fragment. As a player who solely watched the Anime and is not familiar with the previous games or manga, there were characters who I was expected to know and some story elements that I had to simply accept and…

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Nerd Fitness Corner | Quick Tips for Holiday Eating!


The Holidays are looming closer and closer and we all get sucked into what we like to do the most: Eat! And eat good food we shall! To manage our holiday weight gains here’s some advice from the Nerd Fitness Corner for you: Fill up your plate with meat and veggies first – that way you’ll be more full and…

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