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The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths | The Long Awaited Revival


The Dark Crystal is a treasured favorite among many. I know I’m not the only kid who would practice my Gelfling face in the mirror and “hmmm” like a Skeksi. Now The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume 3, the new issue from Archaia and The Jim Henson Company, further explores the vast universe Jim Henson created 33 years ago. And if you…

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NO ESCAPE | Movie Review


It can be easy to disassociate yourself from a dangerous or traumatic scene as it unfolds onscreen.  You tell yourself it’s just a movie and you can’t imagine ever being involved in a similar scenario.  However there are times when the delivery of the story is so authentic that it rattles you and leaves you with a feeling of unease long…

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Top 11 More Credible GOP Candidates


The first GOP debate was recently held, and quite honestly, most of the candidates are clowns. The Republicans should look to pop culture for some better qualified candidates…   11. Former Gotham City mayor Oswald Cobblepot     10. Former Secretary of Defense Tony Stark     9. Hazard County commissioner Jefferson Davis “Boss” Hogg     8. Former Secretary of…

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