1. Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #1

– C’mon who isn’t a fan of Planet of the Apes? Writers Corinna Becjko & Gabriel Hardman and artist Damian Couceiro will tackle this new mini-series. This is a great jumping-on point for new readers. This series will take place eight years before astronaut George Taylor falls from the sky and will focus on a mad monk who activates a bomb, that will surely destroy everything. Now it’s all up to Doctor Zaius to put a stop to all this madness. Lastly, how about the sweet Alex Ross cover!?

2. Hawkeye #2

– “What you need to know: Fraction. Aja. Hawkeye. Kate Bishop. Cars. Guns. Stealing from the rich never looked so good. Get. Now.” I had to use Marvel solicitations quote because it pretty
much describes the book perfectly.

3. Punisher #15

– “Punisher vs. NYPD. Nobody wins.” Again I hate to use solicitations quotes but whoever is behind the quotes killed it this week. Plus this book is amazing….

4. Swamp Thing #0

– The secret behind Alec Holland and Anton Arcane is revealed. Throughout history in the DC universe, Arcane has murdered many of the green and red avatars, but what if Alec was the first to escape the rot? Check out this issue and also the amazing artwork by Kano.

5. Animal Man #0

– I forgot to mention that DC is kicking off zero month, which means all their new 52 books this month will feature a “before” new 52 story. This story will go over how Buddy Baker got his powers and the secret history of Animal Man. This issue and Swamp Thing #0 is a must read for any comic book fan.

6. Green Lantern #0

– It’s finally time to meet the new protector of space sector 2814 that everyone has been talking about. I am pretty excited for this and ‘The Rise of the Third Army arc starting in October.

7.  Action Comics #0

– This is a flash back to the earlier days of Clark Kent in metropolis to tell a story about a boy who steals Superman’s cape. Grant Morrison’s take on Kent has been great thus far. I just wonder how this will fit in the overall story?

8. Detective Comics #0

– Welcome The Dark Knight Gregg Hurwitz to tell a tale on how young Bruce learned to wield the martial arts, and how a major villain was introduced into his life. Also we say goodbye to artist Tony S. Daniel because after this issue he might never come back to a solo Batman book.

9. Sweet Tooth #37

– Only three more issues left till this book comes to an end. What a bummer that is…… Jeff Lemire’s artwork is amazing and one of a kind. The final war is coming and I just wanna close my eyes and just wait till it over.

10. Spawn #223

– There is only one reason to pick this up: The cover by the amazing Todd McFarlane, which pays homage to The Walking Dead #1  cover art. Only bummer is I haven’t kept up on this book in years but the cover makes me say SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

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