Hello Comic Book Fandom,

This is a huge week to be a comic book reader and/or collector. We cheated a little and added some non comic books, but trust us it has to be on this list!

Anyway here is our list of 10 awesome things coming out this week…

1. Happy! #1

-For those of you who don’t know writer Grant Morrison, he usually goes balls-to-the-wall with his stories. Morrison will be joined with artist Darick Robertson and together they will bring the story of Nick Sax, a corrupt, drunk ex-cop-turned-hitman who meets a tiny blue horse and his life is changed forever. SOLD.

2. The Avengers Blu-ray/DVD

– One of the best movies of 2012 will finally be available! Bummer we will have to wait till spring of 2013 to get the amazing box set, but the regular blu-ray/dvd comes out this week. This is a must!

3. Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD

– WB home video, who has been putting out great animation flicks, will bring one of the best Batman stories to life. The Dark Knight Returns was written back in the late 80’s and to this day is recognized as one of the best Batman stories ever told. Legendary comic book writer/artist Frank Miller did a stellar job back in the day and we could not be more excited for this! Also, Peter Weller (Robocop) will voice Batman himself!

4. The Punisher #16

– You don’t know how sad we are that this book will get canceled and Greg Rucka will be leaving Punisher. This will be the last issue before they jump into PUNISHER: WAR ZONE mini-event, which entails The Avengers vs. The Punisher. No joke, Greg Rucka has written one of the best Punisher stories Marvel 616 has ever seen.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #14

– You pretty much can’t go wrong with a Kevin Eastman comic these days and with the help of Tom Waltz and Andy Kuhn only adds to this special book. Splinter is here causing all kinds of ruckus and even Krang will unveil his master plan in this issue!

6. Justice League Dark #0

– Artist/writer/cool guy Jeff Lemire will focus on the past relationship between Constantine and Zatanna. We will finally see what happened between those two and we have a feeling it might not be so pretty.

7. Wolverine and the X-men #17

– If the cover doesn’t make you want to pick this up, then how about artwork by Mike Allred and colors by the beautiful Laura Allred. This issue is a special standalone starring everyone’s favorite cameraman, DOOP. He has been running Jean Grey School for some time now and we will get to see what he has been up to.

8. Talon #0

– Not quite sure how we feel about spin-offs but Scott Snyder (Batman/Swamp Thing/American Vampire) is co-plotting this series with up-and-coming writer James Tynion IV. This is a new series featuring Court Of Owls’ killing machine, Calvine Rose, the only Talon ever to escape the grip of the Court Of Owls! Lastly, artwork by Guillem March can’t hurt this book!

9. Axe Cop: President of the World #3

– This book is 32 pages of straight laughs and amazing artwork. This brother duo team has been knocking it out of the ball park since the beginning.

10. Space Punisher #3

– This book is pure fun, period. That is all……


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