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A Case of Kickstarter Success: AV Ghost.

AVGhost, board game, kickstarter, Mystical Games, paranormal, tabletop
Innovative immersion from a board game.

Kickstarter success is back with a new installment this week on a supernatural horror game called “AVGhost.” So dim the lights and lets go check out that creepy old Mr. Jenkins’ place.

In this co-operative 2-4 player board game, you take on the role of one of several paranormal investigators. Each investigator has a  stat card which is used to track your flashlight battery meter, health, inventory and other game mechanics. The battery meter is what sets AVGhost apart and makes it a unique game experience. You play the game with the lights off and use the light of the LED in your investigators piece. Other features of the game include a soundtrack cd to listen to while you’re playing, and QR codes that unlock video footage available via smartphone.

I had a chance to talk with Pablo Miras of Mystical Games about AVGhost here’s our conversation.

AVGhost, board game, kickstarter, Mystical Games, paranormal, tabletop
Example of the flashlight gameplay mechanic.



  • What is AV Ghost?
AVGhost is a cooperative tabletop game in wich we assume the role of a paranormal investigation team member. We have to play in the dark, only with our miniature´s flashlight to lit the room. We have to solve the case, finding evidences and watching EVP videos (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and the final case video (with real actors, special effects…) We can watch this videos via QR codes, with our smartphone or tablets, or with a DVD included on game. Also, an OST CD is included for full immersion.
  • What makes AV Ghost unique, how did you come up with those gameplay elements?
It´s a terror/horror board game played in the dark with little real LED flashlights in our minis. Soundtrack and videos… I think that is a unique board game with a lot of immersive elements. The idea for the game comes to me because I´m a terror movie and board game player enthusiast. AVGhost is the result for the mix of this concepts.
  • When AV Ghost hits it’s kickstarter goal, how long before backers can expect to be playing?
AVGhost has very hard work to do. We have to shoot all video ends (12 differents videos plus Kickstarter exclusive videos), record all EVPs and manufacture the game. Backers will can play about May 2015.
AVGhost, board game, kickstarter, Mystical Games, paranormal, tabletop
Game pieces are approximately 2 inches tall with LED light and battery.
  • What are the key differences between a successful kickstarter campaign and one that falls short in your opinion?
A lot of things, I think. Advertisement, social network, forums, previews, and some money. I can tell you more with more security if AVGhost reach the funding goal.
  • How has kickstarter helped your company meet it’s goal to produce a game?
If we reach the goal, Kickstarter is a good way to fund a game. We think that there is not intermediaries between creators and players. We are players too, and the word of our followers and backers are most important thing to us.
  • Are there any plans to use kickstarter to fund future titles?
Yes, we have more titles coming soon, but we are involved in AVGhost production at 100% right now.


AVGhost is still a little over a week away from it’s end date so if you want to back this innovative board game it can be found right HERE.


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