A look at the 2015 Arizona Renaissance Festival


Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Arizona Renaissance Festival once again. Ever since I was a little girl my parents would take me, get me a turkey leg, a princess hat, and I remember it being so magical, and, it still is! Most of the time nostalgia gives us a rose-tinted look at our past, we remember things being a lot better than they use to be. I am always so pleased that the Renaissance Festival is never one of those things. The staff of actors and merchants are always very friendly, in character, and talented in their trade.

I managed to get my press pass and walked around the faire in comfortable tennis shoes, not being bothered by the dirt I was kicking up. Everywhere you looked there was something to look at. Beautiful hand-made products like candles, incense, and jewelry to performances from Celtic music sensations Tartanic to comedy shows Knotty NauticalsTortuga Twins, The Ded Bob Sho and Hey Nunnie Nunnie! Then there is the jousting arena where knights battle for the favor of the royal court which is one of the more popular attractions. And of course, who can forget about the delicious food! Can you say immense turkey legs, epic bread bowls and decadent chocolate!? Not all together…but…to each their own. It was a rather cool day, so, I was able to take my time looking and watching everything the faire had to offer. It was relaxing and exciting at the same time. There are lots of wandering performers (our personal favorite is Twig the Fairy), and each and every one of them stayed in character and interacted with the crowd very well.


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Photos by Alvin Johnson [www.facebook.com/AlvinJohnsonPhotography]. All rights reserved.


Basically, what I get at is, the Arizona Renaissance Festival is a great place for kids and adults alike. There are many activities for all ages. You can bring your children to make a candle or to the petting zoo. If you are an adult you can enjoy some good cocktail and see an 18+ show.

Although it is over, only running to the end of March, the Faire is annual, and will be back with all of its charm next year. Make sure you take time out and take a visit back in time.

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