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Leah Rose
I've been a raging gamer since I was practically a fetus. Legend of Zelda changed my life, and the obsession of all games has snowballed since then. I'm also an avid comic reader with a preference of Marvel over DC (but not by that much!), LARP and tabletop RP at least once a week, and collect absolutely anything related to Rogue and Gambit, Catwoman, or werewolves. I've watched anime since childhood, and have all 3 major gaming consoles. I've been cosplaying for fun for a decade and professionally for 6 years. I'm most known for my multiple Rogue costumes, Billy Tucci's Shi, and Amber from Suckerpunch. My other favorites in rotation right now are Lenne from FFx-2, Yuuki from Vampire Knight, San from Princess Mononoke, slave Leia, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2, DKR and comic Catwoman, and Cheryl/Carol/Cristal from Archer. Leah's links! www.facebook.com/leahroseaz www.cosplaysorority.com www.leah-colburn.blogspot.com twitter.com/leahroseFTW youtube.com/user/roninmoro

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