Battlefield: Hardline Closed Beta Experience


Battlefield: Hardline was recently announced at this year’s E3 conference, many players of the Battlefield series are very excited for the game, while others are very concerned that the game was announced too soon after Battlefield 4’s “failure to launch”. Recently I was accepted into the beta and introduced into the sample of Battlefield: Hardline. After a couple hours of gameplay it is evident that this game was a rushed copy of Battlefield 4. The art of the game has not changed, the mechanics are the same. The only element of the game that has changed is the game types and the skins of the vehicles and the guns. The game ditches it’s foundations of leveling up to unlock guns and tools – now it is based on the currency system much like the system introduced into Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now on a more positive note, the game servers are handling the traffic of the closed beta testers very well, server downtimes has been very limited since the beginning of the beta. All in all, this game was very rushed and seems more like a “stretched out DLC” rather than a full triple-a title.


Battlefield: Hardline Gameplay

Author note: I have been a fan of the Battlefield Series ever since Bad Company, I feel that EA should slow down production of the Battlefield series or they will find themselves under the same bad light as Call of Duty.

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