BREAKING NEWS: John Barrowman will be at Phoenix Comicon!


Let the fangirl screaming commence, because Memorial Day Weekend just got a whole lot hotter in Phoenix this year!

Phoenix Comicon announced today that John Barrowman will be appearing as a special guest this year. Mr. Barrowman is best known, of course, for his portrayal of Ben Carpenter in the 2002 film Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. You may also have heard of him from his run as the somewhat popular Capt. Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and its spin off series Torchwood. Mr. Barrowman currently appears on the CW show, Arrow, as Malcolm Merlyn, the main recurring villain, as well as the Dark Archer.

He is the latest addition in this year’s all-star lineup, alongside Bruce Boxleitner, Walter Koenig, Garret Wang, Kristin Bauer, Jewel Staite, Nichelle Nichols, Dean Cain, Wil Wheaton, and many others!

Mr. Barrowman is a long time fan favorite and this will be his first appearance at Phoenix Comicon.

Go to for the full guest list, location, tickets, and more.



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