koe no katachi anime review

Koe no Katachi | Anime Review

About Koe no KatachiThere are a few shows that have the effect on us that, when we finish, there's a void. Something that the show...

Interview: Yuu Asakawa | Taiyou Con 2016

Geek News Network interviews Yuu Asakawa at Taiyou Con 2016. Yuu Asakawa is a voice actress most known for Crypton Future Media’s Vocaloid, Megurine Luka. She...

The Seven Deadly Sins: Netflix Exclusive Anime

You know that feeling when you finish watching the first episode of a series on Netflix and you're like, "Welp, there goes the next...

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Goes Super Saiyan God at the Box Office

Ah, I remember it like it was only yesterday. Initiate dreamy recollection. (Possibly in black and white, because why not.) Getting off the school bus and...

A Look At Sakura Con 2014

*Photos by Nick Shiflet . All rights reserved. **Please visit our Flickr page for more photos of events we cover! Click on an image to begin the slideshow.

A Look At Sabaku Con 2014

*Photos by Andrea Agosto . All rights reserved. **Please visit our Flickr page for more photos of events we cover! Click on an image to begin the slideshow.

“The Wind Rises” Movie Review

It is often said that you won't get much done with your head in the clouds. But when you dream about creating airplanes for...

A look at Anime Los Angeles 2014

With the New Year comes the start of con season. One of the best ways to start the New Year is by taking a...

Taiyou Con 2014 Review

What a weekend January 3rd through the 5th was, Taiyou con went off rather well. Located in Mesa Arizona, hosted by the Hilton. The...

RWBY: Volume 1 Blu-ray (Review)

RWBY is the brain-child of Monty Oum, Director of Animation for Rooster Teeth, an anime-styled series about several teams of heroes (Hunters & Huntresses)...

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