rwby crystal match

Crunchyroll Games launches “RWBY: Crystal Match”

Crunchyroll Games just launched “RWBY: Crystal Match,” a free-to-play jeweled puzzle mobile game with a match-three style.
a place for the unwilling

‘A Place for the Unwilling’ Has Launched

Developer ALPixel Games today released their macabre narrative mystery A Place for the Unwilling for PC and Mac via Steam.

Game On Expo 2019 | For the First Time Visitor

Game On Expo 2019 is coming up on its 5th year and on August 9th to 11th, will mark its third to be held at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Arcade1Up Opens Pre-Sale for the Star Wars Home Arcade Game

Arcade1Up has opened pre-sales for the Star Wars Home Arcade Game machine through featureing the artwork from the original arcade machine.
schell games

Schell Games Awarded Nearly $1 Million to Bring History to Life in Classrooms

Leading VR game developer Schell Games announces that it has been awarded almost $1 million to bring history to life in classrooms.
pax west 2019

PAX West 2019 | What’s All This About?

PAX West is coming up fast. But what exactly does this popular convention have to offer, and should you be interested? Yes. Yes you should.
harry potter wizards unite game review

How to Be a Better Wizard in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Game Review

Players of Pokemon GO and Ingress will find a lot of similarities in gameplay, but Wizards Unite is a unique and complex new beast with lots to explore.

Blizzard Loses Two Top Dogs – What’s Next?

Amidst chaos and frenzy during Blizzard's ever-popular Overwatch League 2019 season, big changes have been made to the head staff over at Blizzard Esports HQ.
nintendo e3 2019

E3 2019 | Nintendo Direct Recap

Nintendo has some more surprises in store for the gaming masses, revealing new information with another Nintendo Direct at E3 2019.
final fantasy e3 2019

E3 2019 | FINAL FANTASY Takes Center Stage at Square Enix Live

During its live E3 event earlier today, SQUARE ENIX showcased new reveals and information for various games in the FINAL FANTASY series.