Con-Nichiwa 2013


Tucson, AZ – Con-Nichiwa is an anime centered convention that is located in Tucson Arizona, at the Holiday Inn, near the Tucson Airport, running March 22nd through the 24th. Now in it’s third year, the once small con has been slowly growing, and run by Greg Fennell who also runs Arizona convention, Saboten Con. A fan favorite of many con-goers in Arizona, Con-Nichiwa is hoping to recreate that once again. Tons of panels, cafes, and guests are sure to make it an entertaining weekend for all that come.

Speaking of guests, Con-Nichiwa managed to line up an amazing array of guests, from musicians, to voice actors, to cosplayers. Raj Ramayya, musician, and member of the Seatbelts with Japanese music legend Yoko Kanno, who together worked on many of the soundtrack to the anime classic, Cowboy Beebop. Continuing with the Cowboy Beebop reunion, we are also joined by Wendee Lee, voice of Faye Valentine, and Steve Blum, voice of Spike Spiegel. Along with them, fellow voice actor Greg Ayres, who has done an array of voices, including Chrono from the anime Chrono Crusade.

Now when it comes to cosplaying guests, Con-Nichiwa has some great talent coming in, both from out-of-state and some local favorites. Cosplayer, Maridah, is known for her detailed Saber from Fate/Stay Night, and an ambassador with Crunchyroll. Pikmin Link is an official Nintendo cosplayer, and best known for her cosplay of Link, from Legend of Zelda. Local cosplayers Katybear, known for her Cammy from Street Fighter, and Rosanna Rocha Cosplayer, known for her Mileena from Mortal Kombat, will also be joining the cosplay guest crew.

Besides guests, some noteworthy things you should check out, well, lots of things! Raj Ramayya will be holding a concert on Friday March 22nd at 8 PM. Another thing that might be interesting to our 18 and up con-goers is the Neko Café, being ran by Michael Spadafore, that will also have an open bar to those 21 and older. Poison Sugar owner Diana Gallegos will be running the J-fashion show, that will feature her work, Cake Shop Couture, and other local artists that want to show off the fashions they have created.

So, come down and see what Con-Nichiwa has to offer March 22nd through the 24th that opens at 8 AM. It’s sure to be a good time, with tons of guests, tons of panels, and tons of things to do. Tickets are $45 for the whole weekend until March 22nd, at the door it will be $50 for the entire weekend.

For more information on Con-Nichiwa, check out their website at and their Facebook page at


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