Overwatch Anniversary

As we all know, time flies when you're playing your favorite video games. But, did you know it's already been almost two years since our beloved Overwatch was first released?! That's right. The two-year anniversary of Overwatch is coming up and Blizzard has already taken to the streets to announce their "Overwatch Anniversary" special, which will run from May 22 to June 11. Much like last years event, the Overwatch Anniversary will come with some

Mercy | Overwatch’s Hero In Pink

We've seen a lot of amazing special events come out of the world of Overwatch, but I have to say... our Blizzard developers truly outdid themselves this time. After partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Blizzard has introduced a new 'Pink Mercy' skin that will be available for purchase from now until May 21, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards funding breast cancer research! As we all know, Dr. Angela Ziegler, who we

GAME ON EXPO | Sneak Peak

Hey fellow Geeks! Who here is ready for some epic gaming!? If you're a gamer, lover of video games, or a cosplayer who dabbles in the gaming community, then you must know about the next big convention coming to the Southwest - Game On Expo! If you didn't know, it's time that you learned! Game On Expo is the largest convention of its kind on this side of the country, dedicated to bringing thousands of gaming

Phoenix Comicon 2017 | COSPLAY TIME

Hello, fellow Geeks! It’s that time of the year again… Phoenix Comicon is right around the corner! You know what that means – it’s time to reach into your closets, pull out that fabric and your craziest props and get ready for a world of imagination! Amongst the thousands of attendees who make their way to the center of Downtown Phoenix for this event, we at GNN always look forward to seeing the wonderful cosplays

WonderCon 2016


  Having never been to WonderCon, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. However, this particular event was akin to what I, personally, enjoy from comic conventions. WonderCon 2016, did not disappoint. First, WonderCon was very organized. The staff was very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. I was wandering in front of the exhibit hall walking in circles with the most confused expression when I was approached by a staff member who quickly pointed me in the right

Uncharted Sequel Announced for PS4

Naughty Dog had yet another surprise for us tonight as they announced a new game in the Uncharted series, heading for the PlayStation 4. Nothing about this is too shocking, as we knew a new Uncharted would be releasing sooner or later. What is curious is the lack of Nathan Drake in the trailer, which you can find below. Naughty Dog wrote the following over at the PlayStation blog: We have great news for all our Uncharted

A Look at AZ Women’s Expo 2013

Phoenix Women’s Expo 2013 was a, well…. interesting event. I hate to say it, I really do, but I walked in with the high hopes of alcohol, freebies and makeovers. And that’s exactly what I got. But then I had to take a step back and really take a look at what was transpiring. From a vendor perspective I can completely understand the idea of selling to a specific demographic. It makes sense to gather like-minded individuals under one

Grog & Games Event at the Phoenix FilmBar

What could be better than a movie about role playing games? A gaming event to celebrate the release of a movie about role playing games.  Add some beer to the mixture, and you have the nerd definition of a perfect day. On October 19th, the Unnamed Association of Gamers will be hosting Grog & Games at the FilmBar in Phoenix. The event starts at 1pm, with free table top gaming for all comers. Then, at

DinoCon Hatches in Phoenix!

When I was six years old, I saw a clip of a claymation triceratops gore a man.  You could say from that point on I possessed a profound respect and intrigue for dinosaurs, a fascination only furthered with plastic dino toys, encyclopedic tomes on dinosaurs, posters pinned to the wall, and the holy canon for dino fans: Jurassic Park.  Naturally then, such an event entitled DinoCon would be first and foremost on my must-attend list. 

DINOCON Stomps Through Phoenix July 27th

If there is a special place in your heart for the Dinosaurs TV series ("Not the Mama!") and you've spent majority of your life quoting Jurassic Park ("Life, uh, finds a way."), then you need to get pumped up for the first ever DinoCon here in Phoenix, AZ! The event takes place at the Arizona Museum of Natural History and attendance is FREE with prior registration. The sad news is due to the limited capacity the event is