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Hey fellow Geeks! Who here is ready for some epic gaming!? If you’re a gamer, lover of video games, or a cosplayer who dabbles in the gaming community, then you must know about the next big convention coming to the Southwest – Game On Expo! If you didn’t know, it’s time that you learned!

Game On Expo is the largest convention of its kind on this side of the country, dedicated to bringing thousands of gaming fans together in just one, fun-filled weekend. Located this year in Phoenix, Arizona, this con is definitely the place to be if you feel like playing some games with friends (whether it’s modern or retro style, tabletop or arcade), showing off your awesome game-inspired cosplays, or just hanging out and enjoying the gaming environment! There is a lot in store at Game On Expo this year, and GNN is here to give you a little sneak peak into what you can be expecting to see, experience, and learn at this convention!

First, let’s just start by breaking down those ticket prices, since I’m sure those of you on a budget would like to plan ahead. Seeing as the con is just around the corner (August 11-13th to be exact), it’s time to set aside those rainy day funds and prepare to buy your tickets and all that cool merch. For those of you wanting to attend all three days of the convention, the current price for tickets is set at a solid $45 (not too bad!), while children’s tickets (ages 3-10) run at just $10. However, grab them soon because full event prices go up on August 10th! If any of you die hard gamers are interested in taking the VIP route on this gaming adventure, Game On Expo is offering a “Level Up” pass, which includes a special t-shirt, button, and poster, as well as one-hour early access to the event every day! Those tickets are currently set at $80, and you can purchase those, as well as the regular event passes, on the Game On Expo website, or by clicking this fancy link right here!

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Game On Expo, Vendor Hall

Once inside, the staff at Game On Expo has a lot in store for its attendees, starting with a wide array of talented guests who will be attending the con for your fangirling pleasure. Who here loves their video game voice actors? I know I do! That’s why I’m pleased to share with you a handful of voice actors who will be joining us at Game On Expo this weekend:

Straight from the payload and into the desert, voice actors Carolina Ravassa (voice of Sombra), Anjali Bhimani (voice of Symmetra), and Josh Petersdorf (voice of Roadhog) are the Overwatch team to see! Can we say excited?! Along with this wonderful Blizzard cast, we have a beautiful princess joining our midst – Patricia Summersett (voice of Zelda from Breath of the Wild) is definitely someone worth seeing this con! And, for those of you who watch your shows and anime on Hulu, Game On Expo is bringing us “The Hulu Guy” himself, Dave Fennoy (also a voice talent from the popular series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the hit movie Happy Feet)! But, that’s not all! These are just a handful of talented voices who will be joining us this weekend – to see the full lineup of voice actors and other amazing guests (such as Courtney Leigh, Ellen McLain, Quinton Joseph Flynn and more), check out the “Guests” page on Game On Expo’s site! But, what’s a convention without a little music? This summer, along with our anticipated panel of guests, a total of fourteen bands are scheduled to wow us with their musical talent and entertainment! From Bit Mortis to Dreamreaper, WOLFZiE to C.O.R.Y, you can find these musical wonders and more at Game On Expo! To see the rest of the band lineup performing this weekend, just head on over to Game On Expo’s “Bands” page on their website!

Now, you cosplayers might be thinking ‘what about us?!’ Well, let me tell you that there is plenty to be excited about as a cosplayer at Game On Expo as well! A staple part of any convention is, of course, the much-anticipated masquerade event! Though the date and time for the masquerade has yet to be announced, you can still register as a contestant on the Cosplay page on their website, where you will be automatically directed to the application form for this event. A few quick tips from the staff at Game On Expo regarding your participation: since each contestant only gets a minute or two of actual stage time, it is recommended that participants bring a portfolio of their work in progress for the judges to review after each act; also, make sure to arrive on time (if not a little early) to ensure everything runs smoothly for everyone attending! We can’t wait to see what cosplays make their way onto center stage! Will it be you? I guess we’ll have to wait until this weekend at Game On Expo! See you there!

2017, convention, cosplay, event, Game On Expo, gaming, guests, lineup, news, photos, video games
Game On Expo, Masquerade
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