Grog & Games Event at the Phoenix FilmBar

Grog and Gaming
Grog and Gaming

What could be better than a movie about role playing games? A gaming event to celebrate the release of a movie about role playing games.  Add some beer to the mixture, and you have the nerd definition of a perfect day. On October 19th, the Unnamed Association of Gamers will be hosting Grog & Games at the FilmBar in Phoenix. The event starts at 1pm, with free table top gaming for all comers. Then, at 4pm, there will be a screening of Zero Charisma, a new indie comedy. Tickets to the screening can be purchased at the FilmBar website, or in person on the day of the screening.

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Zero Charisma is a comedic look at tension within a fantasy role playing game group. All seems to be going well for gamemaster Scott as he leads his players through their weekly adventures. When a new player, Miles, joins the group, Scott feels that he is beginning to lose control. Battle wages between the gamer and his referee, because everyone knows that there can be only one.

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