Con Virgin – First Timer at the 2012 Phoenix Comicon – Part 2

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The final day of the con was pretty amazing.  I had a lot more time to visit the booths I wanted to, and of course, check out more costumes.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hit up any major events, as the ones I wanted to cost extra.  Except for the Star Trek TNG panel… I have no excuse for that. *Cries*


batman, comic convention, comicon, cosplay, costumes, darth maul, doug, fun, geeks, ghost busters, mortal kombat, PCC, phoenix comiconI have to say, my feet were quite sore after a while, but that didn’t stop me from journeying on.  I saw many more amazing cosplayers and adorable little kids, and took a bunch more pictures.  The first person I snapped a picture of was a guy wearing a clown mask from The Dark Knight (beginning robbery scene), and when he took it off, he actually had his face painted like The Joker as well.  I thought that was pretty clever, as I hadn’t seen anyone do that yet, and I thought it was pretty cool that he managed to get the robber mask.  Whether it was home made or not, it was spot on.

Of course, I had to get a picture of the Ghostbusters car, and one of the Ghostbusters themselves, but I didn’t want to bug the rest of the guys, because they looked to be pretty busy.  What I wouldn’t give to have that car though.  It looks like a white hearse decked out as the Ghostbusters mobile, and let me tell you something – I love hearses!  And come to think of it, I think I need to call them for a paranormal issue I seem to be having in my house… *spooky noises*

While I was in the halls, escorting my Steampunk friend around, letting him get some snapshots with interested people, I saw a father walk by with his son, who had his face done up like Darth Maul, but no actual costume.  I can appreciate that – someone who maybe doesn’t have the time or cash to put together a costume, but is willing to perfect the face paint.  I think he did a fantastic job – what do you think?


We walked around to the Kingdom of Umbria area again, and sawbatman, comic convention, comicon, cosplay, costumes, darth maul, doug, fun, geeks, ghost busters, mortal kombat, PCC, phoenix comicon a bit of sword fighting!  Although, it’s a little difficult to actually sword fight in that small amount of space, but I still liked hearing the clinking and clanking sounds of their swords and armor hitting each other.  I also loved the beautiful medieval dress one of their ladies was wearing. It was so elegant and frilly, with a few tasteful accessories.  I was rather jealous of her costume!

After a while more of walking around the booths and running into friends, I started to feel a little famished.  I went upstairs to grab some pizza, and who do I see in line?  Quailman.  I was excited – Doug was another one of my favorite cartoons to watch growing up.  What was even more awesome though, was what happened next.  I continued walking a little bit (the line was huge and I hadn’t settled on pizza just yet), and saw ANOTHER Quailman.  I said to my friend, “These two are going to see each other, and become con-celebrities, just you watch.”  Sure enough, after I ate my lunch and started to head back downstairs, there’s the two of them, getting their pictures taken, and I don’t even think they had met before.  This was probably one of my favorite moments at the con.  It just shows you how geekiness and childhood interests can bring people together, strangers or otherwise.  I was also secretly thinking about how hilarious it would’ve been if the two of them started a fake brawl (haha)!


batman, comic convention, comicon, cosplay, costumes, darth maul, doug, fun, geeks, ghost busters, mortal kombat, PCC, phoenix comiconAnother couple caught my eye before officially heading back downstairs (I was up there for a while, there were some amazing costumes happening).  These two were dressed like one of my favorite video games – Portal.  I squealed with joy a little bit, and asked to take their pictures.  I don’t think they were the only people in Portal related gear, but they looked so adorable and badass, that I just had to!

When I finally headed downstairs, back into the booth area, I met up with our very own Hong and Toni.  While we were chatting about some of the awesome things we saw and ideas for GNN, Toni smiled real big, got out her camera, and pointed behind me.  There were Thor and Loki, with a bunch of kids around them, holding up their arms, as if they were praising the gods.  What a unique experience.  I’m still not entirely sure what that was all about, but it was definitely photo-worthy!  I always love it when you see kids getting together like that, celebrating their favorite super-heroes.

Shortly after that, I caught a glimpse of Pyramid Head, who I actually ended up seeing the first day, but didn’t get around to taking a picture of.  He was probably there for the entire weekend, so lucky for me.  I spoke with his partner/girlfriend about their experience so far at the con, and the costume itself.  She told me the costume took over a year to make, and it still wasn’t actually finished.  She also told me the con was amazing, but exhausting.  Apparently, as soon as they stepped off the light-rail, the pictures started coming in and would not stop.  She barely had a chance to speak with him all weekend, because he was such a con-celebrity.  Well… I’d have to say that’s a pretty awesome experience, and though it might’ve been a little tiring and irritating at times (from those who can’t use their cameras properly), I would definitely not look back in anger on a situation like that.  All in all, she said they were having an excellent time, and like all of us, are super excited for next year’s PCC.

When I finished talking with Pyramid Head and co., I turned around to find Sub-Zero and Scorpion.  And again, I was way too excited, and had to get a picture.  These guys were probably a couple of my favorites.  The costumes may not have been as involved as some of the others, but it’s the fact that they pulled our Mortal Kombat.  Isn’t that really all that should matter (chuckle)?

The last picture I took, I was so happy to find, because my Vegeta friend had told me that he’d seen people sleeping on the sides of the halls.  Probably due to so much energy spent and lack of sleep out of excitement and/or needing to be up early for all of the activities/panels to come each morning.  I didn’t think I’d be so lucky to find one, but I did!  I snuck up real quiet in front of her, took the picture, heard the camera noise on my phone (which was way too loud), and frolicked away to the parking lots.  I have to say, I think that was a decent way to end my PCC photo journal (smile).  Just look at her… she looks so comfy!  I only wish I was able to get a nap in!


All in all, I’d say my first PCC was way too muchbatman, comic convention, comicon, cosplay, costumes, darth maul, doug, fun, geeks, ghost busters, mortal kombat, PCC, phoenix comicon fun, and left me extremely anxious for next year.  I’m betting everyone else feels the same way.  I didn’t have a precise *favorite* moment of the con, as they were all exciting and fun-filled moments.  However, if I did get to see Wil Wheaton, that would’ve been my favorite moment, hands down.

Favorite costumes this time around: Portal couple, Pyramid Head, Zombie Bunny, Quailmen, and the Steampunk guys. Oh, and LeeLoo from The 5th Element, though I didn’t actually get the chance to snap her picture.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures, thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share, share, share!





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