“Cuban Fury” Movie Review

CubanFury-NickFrost2Whenever you see Simon Pegg in a film you will more than likely see Nick Frost standing beside him. They are a comedic duo that were given their first big roles in the BBC television show entitled Spaced. Since then they have appeared together in four very well-known films which include: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, and The World’s End. They have acted in several films where the other isn’t included in the cast, but their onscreen chemistry always tends to elevate their performances when they actually get to perform side-by-side. Cuban Fury is a new film by first time film director James Griffiths where Nick Frost gets to shine without his usual partner in crime.

At a young age Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) was a very successful salsa dance competitor who decided to give it all up due to an unfortunate incident that happened to him on the way to a competition on day. Fast forward to several years later and Bruce is now an overweight loner who works at a company that produces industrial machines. One day a beautiful new manager played by Rashida Jones joins their office and Bruce becomes instantly infatuated with her.  Soon after, Bruce finds out that her passion outside of work is salsa dancing so he decides to take up the sport again in order to try and win her heart. However Drew (Chris O’Dowd), Bruce’s slimy co-worker, has the same plan and attempts to thwart Bruce’s attempts at every turn.

While this type of film has been made time and time again but with different motifs, a salsa dancing fat man is the major appeal in this version. Nick Frost is absolutely delightful with charisma oozing out of every scene that he appears in. You feel for his character and want him to succeed although you know that someone of his physique wouldn’t normally be partaking in such an activity. The normally hilarious Chris O’Dowd has his moments within the film but unfortunately fails to exude any memorable laughs throughout. The true standout performance though would have to be from Kayvan Novak. He plays a gay male salsa dancer who befriends Bruce and helps him to get some of his self confidence back. He chews up the screen in every scene that he’s in and is responsible for most of the hilarious moments over the course of the film.


Although the characters are well developed and the editing is very tight and exact, unfortunately you won’t be laughing out loud until well into the second act. It’s a cute little film with a by-the-books structure and a lot of well-known actors playing major roles, but that can’t save it from being a somewhat forgettable Nick Frost film. Nevertheless if you are a fan of dance movies or a fan of romantic comedies that aren’t filled with over-the-top tropes, Cuban Fury is definitely a fun film that you will make you want to get up and dance as soon as the credits start rolling.

Cuban Fury: [usr 3]

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About the Movie

Synopsis: A former male salsa dancer decides to take up dancing again to try and get with his new female boss.

Director: James Griffiths

Cast: Nick Frost, Chris O’Dowd, Ian McShane, Rashida Jones

Rated: R

Run time: 98 min

Chris O'Dowd, Cuban Fury, ian mcshane, nick frost, romantic comedy

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