FAR CRY 5 | Full Reveal

Over the past week, a few haunting teasers have been floating around the internet for the next numbered entry in the Far Cry series, Far Cry 5. This morning, Far Cry 5 has been fully revealed thanks to a new trailer and even has a release date to boot! Check out the teasers below if you haven’t already along with the new reveal trailer, and look for Far Cry 5 February 27th, 2018!

You might have noticed the Playstation 4 love at the end of each teaser/trailer so it seems like a safe bet that Playstation will have some exclusive content just as they did with Far Cry 4. As E3 rapidly approaches we’ll wait and see if we hear more about Far Cry 5 in Ubisoft’s press conference. Are you excited for a stateside Far Cry? Let us know below!

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