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Hey there, fellow Geeks! We’re back at it again, coming to you with pure beauty and talent, finished with a heart of gold. From Toga to Zero Two, Raven to 2-B, Gunplaladycosplay has enchanted and impressed us. Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, this girl’s life is busy, busy, busy! When she isn’t cosplaying, we find her working her butt off at a local restaurant. When it comes time to cosplay, however, Gunplaladycosplay doesn’t mess around. Her craftsmanship and attention detail have astounded us! So, of course, we had to take a moment to sit down and ask her about her cosplay journey. Here’s what she had to say!

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Character: 2-B

Approximately how long have you been cosplaying?

I started cosplaying May of 2016 and I started sewing and making my own cosplays in March of 2017!

What was your very first cosplay, and how do you think you’ve grown since then?

My first cosplay was Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki! I’ve grown from an ill-fitting, bought cosplay and an unsettled wig to custom patterning my own outfits and styling/cutting wigs!

Out of all the cosplays you have completed, which have been your favorite three?

My top three right now would be my 2B from NieR: Automata, genderbend Bakugou Katsuki from Boku no Hero Academia, and Toga Himiko from Boku no Hero Academia. Each cosplay really challenged me in my sewing and prop building. 2B’s skirt was hand screenprinted with help from a friend and both Bakugou and Toga have foam props. Bakugou was my first foam project ever!

cosplay, featured cosplayer, gunplaladycosplay, interview, photos
Character: Toga Himiko
Photo by Square Noodles
cosplay, featured cosplayer, gunplaladycosplay, interview, photos
Character: Bakugou Katsuki (Genderbent)
Photo by Rosson Photography

Is there a dream cosplay you have yet to create?

I have a few actually. One I’m hoping to work on for Blizzcon is Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft. Her design is out of my comfort zone and will really challenge me while being sort of a nostalgia character from when I played WoW more often. Another would have to be Satellizer El Bridgitte from Freezing!

What is one skill/tool you suggest every cosplay keep in their ‘utility belt?’

A serger! After I got one for Christmas it’s made sewing so much easier and quicker and gives my seams so much more stability and cleanliness. I also suggest a heat gun for any prop making!

When building a new cosplay, what is your favorite medium to work with?

Right now I’d say I’m more of a fabric person over anything else, but I do have fun with armor pieces and I want to get better at those and wig styling! 

What has been your favorite cosplay/convention moment so far?

So far I’ve just really enjoyed being able to meet so many friends and have a chance to actually meet followers that look up to me and speaking with them in person!

cosplay, featured cosplayer, gunplaladycosplay, interview, photos
Character: Tamamo Nomae

How has cosplaying affected you personally?

It’s allowed me to really be creative and show that I can make things other people can’t even fathom. The confidence in my craft and myself as a person has been such a huge growth for me and I find myself being more outgoing when I would’ve never been that way without it. And sewing has really given me an outlet for all of my anxiety and depression, it kind of soothes me and helps me get really focused.

Have you had any major accomplishments in your cosplay journey that you’d like to share?

So far I was able to win Best Novice at a convention with my Bakugou, I’ve judged a cosplay contest, and next year I’ll be having my first guest appearance at a convention!

What advice/words of wisdom can you give to aspiring cosplayers

Just be yourself. Don’t worry if you can’t make amazing things right at the start because messing up is normal and a part of the process. Always be true to you and if that means you want to become the most amazing seamstress, go for it! If you can only afford to buy cosplays, go for it! You can always alter bought cosplays and own it and just love the character you’re portraying over anything else! 

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