Review: RWBY Premiere Episode


If you have been following me — in the online sense, not the creepy guy currently standing at my window — over the last 10 or so months, you are probably aware that one of the things I have been most excited about this year is RWBY, the anime-styled project from Monty Oum, Director of Animation for Rooster Teeth. RWBY is the tale of a team of four teenage girls (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, & Yang Xiao Long) attending Beacon Academy, in a world of myth and fairy tale.

From my interview earlier this year with Monty Oum:

RWBY brings four very different girls together for one legendary purpose. These four fighters will come face-to-face with menacing creatures, devious villains, and an incredible cast of characters

Well, all that excitement and anticipation is finally paying off, as today is the premiere of episode 1 of RWBY; of course assuming you did not see it at the 3rd Annual Rooster Teeth Expo a couple of weeks back:

From pulse-pounding music, to well scripted dialogue (courtesy of writers Kerry Shawcross & Miles Luna) and well choreographed fight scenes, the first episode of RWBy turned out to be highly entertaining. I’m still not entirely on board with the animation style, despite loving it in the trailers. This could simply be a personal dislike for most anime; something I have been trying to outgrow over the last few years.

One thing that is deserving is a special nod to Lindsay Tuggey, voice of Ruby Rose, as she was outstanding! In the trailers we only briefly were able to hear Ruby during the Yellow trailer, which didn’t give great insight into what she would sound like. Hearing her in this episode was an absolute joy as the character portrayed a sense of adorable joy and what I have decided to call raging badassitude.

RWBY is definitely something to keep an eye on, as new episodes release every Thursday.


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