ROBOTECH 30th Anniversary coming to Saboten Con 2015!

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Nowadays, animes like “Kill La Kill” and “Attack on Titan” may be popular, but it’s the old greats that help shape what anime is today. Harmony Gold in association with Saboten Con is pleased to announce that the Robotech Convention Tour will come to Phoenix, AZ this year to celebrate its 30th anniversary in the US. In order to properly celebrate such a big occasion, many panels including gaming, workshops, autographs and giveaways will be dedicated to the anime.

Of course with this, major voice actors for the show will be coming as guests. Tony Oliver who played Rick Hunter, Melanie MacQueen who played Lisa Hayes, Rebecca Forstadt who played Lynn Minmei, Cam Clarke as Max Sterling, Dan Woren as Roy Fokker, and Richard Epcar as Ben Dixon will all be in attendance. All of them will be answering questions, running panels, and signing autographs for fans.

Saboten Con has been known for making reunions and themes for their conventions which have always been fun. Make sure to come check out the signature Robotech event of the summer and help celebrate 30 years of Robotech and the legacy of its creator Carl Macek!

Saboten Con is moving to the downtown Phoenix Sheraton this year, September 4th through September 7th. Reserve your tickets now!

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