Drawn to Comics Podcast | Episode: 8

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This week on the Drawn to Comics Podcast, Russ explains how "Power Rangers" gave him hope for "Justice League," and Ken reveals how a recent trip to Los Angeles reignited his passion for pricing trends in comics.  How are back issues priced?  Is the Internet REALLY the more competitive option?  It's insider talk only a retailer and creator can offer!

Monthly Maise: The Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Skirt

The Monthly Maise Tutorial: The Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Skirt Like a petulant cat coming out from their beloved hiding spot, I’ve finally decided to start making these tutorials to share with all of you.  I know I’ve been promising them for a good while, but thanks to my new outlet of GNN, I have a viable place to share them!  So here’s the first of what will become a monthly tutorial, I hope you enjoy! The

Comics Reviews for July 16, 2014

I’m trying desperately to pack my bags for San Diego Comic Con 2014 so I’ll keep this short. This week’s comics had a lot of diversity, everything from Ash from Army of Darkness beginning his slow crawl toward marriage to Harley Quinn invading SDCC and hammering the ever-loving snot out of everyone she met (except for Bruce Timm and Paul Dini—she loves those guys for some reason). Tell me what books excited YOU this week,

“Harley Quinn #3” Comic Review

[Comic Publication Date: 2/19/14] Just because February 14th has come and gone doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day is over, at least not in the case of Harley Quinn #3. Ever since this series launched a few months ago, Harley Quinn has been operating in a non-traditional stratosphere all its own, and lo and behold, Harley’s Valentine’s Day is less about flowers and chocolates and more about power tools and carnage. It’s the most incredibly silly issue of

“Harley Quinn #2” Comic Review

It’s still in its infancy but Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti’s Harley Quinn series looks like it’s going to blossom into a special kind of book, the kind that occupies a dark, dank corner of the DC universe where the macabre and the perverse run wild under the guise of hilarity. And trust me, Harley Quinn #2 is all of those things. Right from the outset with its alarmingly-cute-but-sick-and-twisted cover of Harley being buried beneath

“Harley Quinn #1” Comic Review

While last month’s introduction to DC’s new Harley Quinn series took readers through a cavalcade of various dream-like scenarios, writers Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti do their best to ground this first issue in a more tangible narrative, though it is not without its quirks. Instead of disembodied voices of the writers interacting with Harley, for instance, there’s dialogue coming from a taxidermied beaver (no, seriously). Not all of Connor and Palmiotti’s ideas are solid

“Harley Quinn #0” Comic Review

Harley Quinn #0 is one of the nuttiest comics I’ve ever read. It’s a massive fourth-wall breaking extravaganza bulging at the seams with in-jokes and references, lobbed with effortless aplomb from writers Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti. Acting also as the disembodied narrators/characters of the tale, Connor and Palmiotti aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves or their employer as well, resulting in some panels that must have just squeaked by DC editorial. An astounding

Awesome New Harley Quinn Trailer and Season Pass Revealed For ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a mere couple of days away and NetherRealm Studios was kind enough to release a new Harley Quinn trailer, which rules and can be viewed below: From that trailer you can tell she isn't too happy with the Joker lately and plans on letting him know why. Lastly, how about that ending?! Also, NetherRealm Studios announced a "Season Pass" DLC pass, were you will be able receive four characters for the price