E3 2017 | Super Mario Odyssey Hands On

In case you haven’t noticed, Mario is back on a new adventure. Super Mario Odyssey sees the Italian plumber traversing different lands with unique settings, inhabitants, and themes while collecting coins, stomping goombas, and… possessing dinosaurs? Nintendo has clearly lost its collective mind, but honestly, after getting some hands-on time

GNN Podcast | Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 8

GNN Podcast

The GNN Podcast is back with episode 8 of the Weekly Wrap Up! Breaking into the new year, Chris and Stitch bring on GNN Writer Elizabeth Kristina to guest host. The three cover the wake of events following the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher and discuss what this might mean

Top 11 New Years Resolutions

Another new year is upon us. Traditionally, this is time of introspection, where people make resolutions to cut back on bad habits or become better people. Unfortunately, I cannot participate, because I am already perfect, but here are 11 characters from pop culture with some big plans for 2014 11. Wolverine

The Mega Men Podcast #39: Republican Super Villains

Matt and Chris talk about old-school video game box art, why Super Mario was cooler when he was fat, their past podcasting efforts, and why rich Republicans are like super villains. You can listen to this episode via the following link: http://themegamenpodcast.podbean.com/2013/11/18/the-mega-men-podcast-39-republican-super-villains/ Or you can subscribe directly through iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mega-men-podcast/id563707418 Then there is always our