Superhero Anniversaries Infographic!

superhero anniversaries

Comic book artists breathe life into new creations each and every year. Some of these new characters might start as a doodle on a napkin, or as a well-thought out addition to a long-standing comic book. It’s such a momentous occasion either way, but why do we stop there? Why do we forget their entry into this world without even so much as a nod of celebration? Well, this infographic looks to change all that


  Something the Marvel movies have been sadly missing is a compelling villain.  The glitz and glamour of the superheroes has been more than enough to satisfy our craving of action and suspense, but at some point they can get repetitive without a unique adversary to shake things up.  Loki in the Thor movies and the first Avengers film can be considered the most charismatic of the Marvel villains up to this point.  Until now. In Avengers:

Chris Pratt dresses as Star-Lord and visits children in hospital Honestly, if Chris Pratt wasn’t beloved already, this just makes him loved even more. The actor who has taken the box office by storm as the hero Star-Lord from Marvel’s latest film “Guardians of the Galaxy”, doesn’t just play a hero, but, is one in real life. Pratt has been dressing up in full Star-Lord costume that he stole from the set and visiting sick children at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. He has

Top 11 Greatest Crossover Battles

' The essence of being a geek is discussing who would win in a fight between characters that could never possibly meet. When you are tired of making the same old Captain America vs Batman arguments, here are 11 more epic clashes to consider...   11. Batman and Robin vs Howard Stern and Robin - Fartman could be the wild card in this battle.     10. Spiderman and his amazing friends vs Fox and Friends.     9. The Fantastic Four vs the

5 Superhero Films You Haven’t Seen

With the giant stream of recent superhero films, I wanted to take a look at some lesser known and older superhero films that you may not have seen yet...   Special (2006) Michael Rapaport plays Les Franken, a comic book enthusiast who decides to try a new experimental anti-depressant. At first the pills don’t seem to be doing anything, but soon after, Les feels that he now has super powers. After discovering his new abilities, Les decides to

Top 11 Superhero Crossover Movies

  With the success of the Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, Hollywood now knows that everything is better with superheroes. Here are 11 existing movies that could be enhanced by adding comic book characters and a bit of a twist to the plot....   11. The true story of how Batman tracked down Osama bin Laden - Zero Dark Knight Thirty.   10. Based on a John LeCarre novel, this cold war thriller is about an awkward teenaged superhero