Watch the first 2 minutes of The Walking Dead season 5 mid-season premiere   About the Show The Walking Dead Season 5 mid-season premiere airs this Sunday, February 8 at 9/8c on AMC. After the tragic events of the mid-season finale -- as well as losing the possibility of a cure in Washington, DC -- Rick Grimes' band of survivors find themselves on the road, surviving day to

A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead Season 4 The Bad Lip Reading team brings you A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead season 4 and wow is it a doozy. From dolphins and apples, shrimp dogs, Slenderman and mister potato heads, there isn't a shortage of hilarious laughs. Even Carl drops a beat at the end. Great

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Top 11 Upcoming Television Deaths

Brian Griffin has died from injuries sustained after being hit by a car. Hershel was decapitated on the Walking Dead. There was some brouhaha at a wedding on Game of Thrones. Doctor Who was... well, we don't know how he died yet, but we know he's going to regenerate on