One World, Two Cups | Cuphead Review

StudioMDHR decided to make their game development dreams a reality back in 2000 when they started work on a game inspired by 1930s era animation, but soon found the tools of development lacking. After the rise of indie game popularity, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, founders of the studio, decided to give the project another shot. The two brothers had been connoisseurs of old cartoons since their childhood, and set out to create an experience similar

More Than Meets The Idol | Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Review

Do you remember when the first Kingdom Hearts was announced? There was quite a bit of confusion and some negative criticism when the idea of the series was introduced, combining the worlds of Final Fantasy and various Disney franchises. Many believed the crossover wouldn’t work and was a waste of time and effort, but to their surprise the game turned out to be a hit, the two worlds blending together better than expected. Three years


After a huge hype train that spanned well over six months, Destiny finally hit consoles last week. The much-anticipated project from Halo developers Bungie, Destiny challenged players to join up with friends against alien enemies and 'become legend.' So is the massive multiplayer-esque shooter a brave new foray into next-gen consoles, or just a another footnote in gaming history? 31720