The Drums Behind Hans Zimmer’s ‘Man of Steel’ Score

I hate to use this term, but I geeked out so hard during this behind-the-scenes video of Hans Zimmer’s score for “Man of Steel.” First off, I’m a drummer (well, used to be anyway) and seeing names like Danny Carey (Tool), Josh Freeze (A Perfect Circle),Toss Panos, Pharrell Williams, Shelia E, Bernie Dresel, Curt Bisquera, Trevor Lawrence, JR, and many more, all come together and jam out to Hans Zimmer‘s score is pretty inspiring. As lame as it sounds, I used to watch hours of YouTube videos of these guys (and gals) playing all the time.

Really makes me wish I was still playing…

Anyways, enough rambling, check out the video below:

Behind the Scenes creating the drums for the Man Of Steel Soundtrack.
Drummers featured include: Matt Chamberlain, Sheila E., Josh Freeze, Pharell Williams, Danny Carey, John JR Robinson, Jason Bonham, Satnam Ramgotra, Toss Panos, Jim Keltner, and more!
Album Available on iTunes:


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