Last week, the BBC announced they had discovered nine episodes of Doctor Who thought to have been lost forever.  Because Doctor Who is so popular, this re-discovery made the news, but here are 11 lesser-known shows that recently found episodes, also thought to be lost:

11. Knight Rider – After losing an eye in an accident, Michael Knight is given a new identity and placed in charge of the SHIELD

I would NEVER do such a thing.

10. Star Trek – The Enterprise is taken over by the evil version of Kirk’s toupee, complete with a goatee

9. Firefly – The crew goes back in time and Jayne pisses in a bowl of Wheaties belonging to a Fox executive

8. Battlestar Galactica – A cylon sympathizer cripples the ship by filibustering during a tense discussion on military allocations

7. The Six Million Dollar Man – Steve Austin must reunite with his true love, Sasquatch, to take on a robotic Loch Ness Monster

You’ll never guess what I did with the end of this episode…

6. The Twilight Zone – What was thought to be a lost episode turned out to be an unwatched M Night Shamalayan film

5. The Cape – No one knows the content of this lost episode, because no one wanted to watch it

4. Lost – The original finale, which tied up all loose ends in a satisfying manner. Haha jk such a thing never existed

3. Quantum Leap – Sam must leap into the body of a politician and shut down the government before funding on an orbital mind control laser can be approvedleary

2. Batman ‘66 – The citizens of Gotham City are suffering from terrifying hallucinations, which are eventually traced to the Mad Mod, played by special guest Dr Timothy Leary

1. Comic Book Shelf Life – The episode where everyone gives Negativsteve $100


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