Top 11 Newly Found Television Episodes

Last week, the BBC announced they had discovered nine episodes of Doctor Who thought to have been lost forever.  Because Doctor Who is so popular, this re-discovery made the news, but here are 11 lesser-known shows that recently found episodes, also thought to be lost:

11. Knight Rider – After losing an eye in an accident, Michael Knight is given a new identity and placed in charge of the SHIELD

I would NEVER do such a thing.

10. Star Trek – The Enterprise is taken over by the evil version of Kirk’s toupee, complete with a goatee

9. Firefly – The crew goes back in time and Jayne pisses in a bowl of Wheaties belonging to a Fox executive

8. Battlestar Galactica – A cylon sympathizer cripples the ship by filibustering during a tense discussion on military allocations

7. The Six Million Dollar Man – Steve Austin must reunite with his true love, Sasquatch, to take on a robotic Loch Ness Monster

You’ll never guess what I did with the end of this episode…

6. The Twilight Zone – What was thought to be a lost episode turned out to be an unwatched M Night Shamalayan film

5. The Cape – No one knows the content of this lost episode, because no one wanted to watch it

4. Lost – The original finale, which tied up all loose ends in a satisfying manner. Haha jk such a thing never existed

3. Quantum Leap – Sam must leap into the body of a politician and shut down the government before funding on an orbital mind control laser can be approvedleary

2. Batman ‘66 – The citizens of Gotham City are suffering from terrifying hallucinations, which are eventually traced to the Mad Mod, played by special guest Dr Timothy Leary

1. Comic Book Shelf Life – The episode where everyone gives Negativsteve $100


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